New and Proposed Programs

Moving forward in our mission to be responsive to our region of the state, Andrew College has proposed three new programs currently before the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) for review.  Approval for these programs is pending, with an anticipation of a final decision this summer:

Associate of Science in Timber Management

Located in an area of the state with a strong timber production program, this concentration is designed to provide the knowledge and coursework necessary for students to complete a bachelor’s degree in timber management or forestry or move directly into career paths in the timber management industry.  The interdisciplinary nature of the program emphasizes timber and soil management as well as natural resource conservation and the production and utilization of timber. Students will explore and refine their academic focus through applied experience within a forestry-related internship.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

Recognizing the need for additional trained business graduates, Andrew College has selected a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration as its first bachelor’s level degree program offered in one hundred years. Emphasizing the breadth of business systems and processes, with a special eye toward small business development, the program will train students in different aspects of business such as the principles of management, finance, small business management, marketing, strategic management, international business, agribusiness and organizational behavior. Students will also take part in a supervised internship, allowing them to see the theoretical concepts they have learned in the classroom in operation within the business world.

 Cancer InformationRegistry (Online only)

Andrew College’s first certificate program, Cancer InformationRegistry, will provide graduates with the necessary certification to become a cancer registrar.  People working in this position generally work in hospitals and it is their role to capture a complete summary of the history, diagnosis, treatment and disease status for every cancer patient.  Their work is designed to lead to overall better information that will enable health officials to monitor and advance cancer treatments, conduct research and improve prevention and screening programs.


Regenerative Agriculture