Empower gives students access to all of the database information that is important to them in an easy to use web based application. Each student will have the ability to log in to Empower and access their class schedule, financial statement, grades, unofficial transcript, and IRS 1098-T.


Google Mail

Through a partnership with Google, each student is provided with an “@andrewcollege.edu” email account. This partnership with Google also gives students access to Google Apps. Google Mail is only one part of the Google Apps package. With Google Apps, students will also have access to Google Calendar, an integrated web-based calendar application, Google Docs, a web-based suite of office software which will allow students to create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from any computer with internet access, and other Google services.



Andrew College’s Academic Support programs provide a comprehensive solution to student success. Upswing is one such approach. It is the College’s answer to 24/7 tutoring for students. Upswing, along with the other academic support programs offered to students by the College, combines student support, tutoring, mentoring, and advising – with data science. Upswing provides interactive learning sessions where students experience collaborative learning through real-time audio, video, chat, and a virtual whiteboard. Students can quickly upload and share documents before or during sessions. Upswing prompts both the student and tutoring coach for feedback after each session in order to provide insight into student understanding.


Students Guide to Getting Online

A step by step illustration of how to get your computer online at Andrew College.


Ordering Textbooks

Andrew College is pleased to offer to you the ability to order your textbooks online through our Virtual Bookstore! You will be able to purchase your textbooks online by clicking the link above and  following the steps below:

  1. Choose Order your Books box;
  2. Select a payment method;
  3. Select the course from Course ID List;
  4. Once you have finished adding all of your course textbooks, click on the (blue) button at the   bottom of the page labeled Continue;
  5. Select from the available options for each textbook and add to cart;
  6. When you have completed configuring your order, click “Review Cart’;
  7. Confirm your order and click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’;
  8. You will need to create an account and sign in before checking out;
  9. Complete checkout process as instructed.