Campus Visits

Andrew College is offering campus visits for families this summer.  You can now schedule your visit with the Campus Tour scheduler powered by Calendly.  Click here to plan your visit.

Please plan your visit at least two business days prior to the date you wish to visit.  Walk-in appointments will be assisted on a limited basis.

Live Information Sessions 

Join one of our admission counselors for a live information session.  Learn more about Andrew College and get your questions answered.  Sessions will be held at the following days and times:

Thursdays    4:00 pm Eastern time

Meeting ID: 913 2328 7090
Passcode: 798927

(Click here to attend the Thursday 4 pm session.)


Tuesdays          7:00 pm Eastern time

Meeting ID: 987 4710 9427
Passcode: 846472

(Click here to attend Tuesday at 7 pm.)

Required Campus Visit Precautions:

Campus visitors should wear masks and observe social distancing, use proper hand-washing practices, and follow CDC and COVID-19 guidelines for disclosing/reporting symptoms during their time on campus.  All members of your party will also be asked to complete a COVID-19 checklist.

All visitors should take their temperature before coming to campus; if anyone in your party has a temperature of 100.4 F or above and/or does not feel well, they should remain at home and the campus visit should be rescheduled for a later date.

Guests are encouraged to use their personal masks and hand sanitizers.  However, masks and hand sanitizer will be available to visitors.