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The AndrewServes Servant Leadership Program was formed in 2000 to provide community service opportunities for students, staff, and faculty. By serving the community, participants gain confidence, self-esteem, and begin to realize that they can make a difference in the lives of others.

AndrewServes helps students discover their leadership abilities while making an impact in the community. Retreats, tutoring, and volunteering in a community agency of each student’s own choosing are just a few of the program components that further enhance students’ leadership, education, and development. Students who meet the program requirements are eligible to receive the AndrewServes Scholarship of up to $9,500.

The program includes an academic component as well. Each semester, scholars take a two-semester hour leadership course. These courses use the Phi Theta Kappa Leadership curriculum. Successful completion of the program will be recognized with a designation on the student’s transcript.

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AndrewServes develops a spirit of servant leadership which connects academic reflection with community involvement.

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Malanie Burnett

Malanie Burnett
Director of AndrewServes

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