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Freshman Admission

Applicants to Andrew College are evaluated on an individual basis. The minimum academic standards for unconditional acceptance to the college are listed below:

  • Completed application for admission
  • A high school GPA of at least a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale in academic, college-preparatory coursework from an accredited high school
  • Test scores (optional for admission)


Provisional Admission

Students not meeting the normal minimum academic requirements acceptance may be provisionally accepted. Provisionally accepted students are those students who have a high school GPA below 2.0. Students eligible for this admission category must interview with a member of the Enrollment Management Committee as a part of the admission process. The full Enrollment Management Committee will make the final determination as to the student’s application for admission.

For more information about admission, click here to view the webpage for the Andrew College Catalog and archive.

Summer Bridge Program

Students accepted for admission will be placed into the appropriate English and math courses depending upon a number of factors including GPA, test scores (if provided) and transfer credit work.  Students placed into learning support courses will have the opportunity to take these courses before their first fall term as a part of the Summer Bridge Program.

Home-Schooled Students

Admission decisions are based on the applicant’s academic record, test scores (if submitted), recommendations, and in some cases, a personal or telephone interview. All applicants must submit transcripts of home school work attempted or GED (if studies are done through a formal home schooling program, this record should be an official transcript from the program. If the program is crafted by parents, a portfolio detailing subjects studied, texts used, and books read should accompany an evaluation of the student’s performance in specific areas), transcripts of college course work attempted, if applicable, and scores from either the SAT or the ACT.

The breadth of Andrew College academic experience allows home-schooled students to thrive in an environment that is nurturing and challenging. Andrew’s small classes, caring professors, and academically challenging curriculum prepare home-schooled students to succeed at the next level and beyond. Home-schooled students have been welcome at Andrew and have historically done well. Andrew College looks forward to meeting the needs of the increasing number of home-schooled students.

Application Requirements for Home-Schooled Students

  • A completed application for admission
  • Transcripts of home school course work attempted (or GED)
    *If studies are done through a formal home school program, this record should be an official transcript of the program
    **If the program is crafted by parents or others, a detailed account of subjects studied, texts used, and books read should accompany an evaluation of the student’s performance in specific areas.
  • Transcripts of college course work attempted, if applicable
  • Copy of Declaration of Intent to Home School as filed with the local school board (required if applying for HOPE Scholarship)
  • Scores from either the SAT or the ACT (optional for admission)

Students not meeting the minimum academic requirements for acceptance may be accepted provisionally, pending an interview with a member of the Enrollment Management Committee.

Transfer Students

Students who have successfully completed work at other colleges, and who are not currently on suspension from another college, may apply to Andrew College as transfer students. Students who have less than 24 semester hours accepted for transfer credit will be considered on the basis of their college transcript, high school transcript, and SAT/ACT scores (if submitted). Students who have 24 or more semester hours accepted for credit will be considered on the basis of their college transcript.

Transfer students are required to submit official transcripts for all colleges attended, whether or not credit was earned.

Early Admission

Students who have successfully completed their high school junior year requirements and wish to be considered for early admission should schedule an interview with the Vice President of Enrollment Management and the Academic Dean. The minimum requirements for early admission include a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale, 1120 SAT (minimum 550 EBRW, minimum 25 ACT English score), and permission from their parent/guardian and high school principal.

Dual Enrollment

High school students have an opportunity to acquire college credit through the Dual Enrollment program. For additional information, please visit the Dual Enrollment Program page.


Andrew College students who withdrew from all classes or who were not enrolled during the previous academic term (excluding summer term) must apply for readmission. They will be considered on the basis of academic average, disciplinary record, and upon request, two letters of recommendation. Students who were previously on academic suspension must have their application evaluated by the Enrollment Management Committee.

Non-Immigrant/Foreign Students

Andrew College is authorized under federal regulations to enroll international students who possess the proper documentation. International Students may be eligible for acceptance to Andrew College if the following conditions are met:

  • Completed Secondary Education (12 years)
  • Qualifying scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the English Language Testing System (IELTS) or obtain an acceptable score on an equivalent English language examination.
    • Qualifying TOEFL scores: Internet Based Test 61 or higher; Computer Based Test 173 or higher; Paper Based Test 500 or higher
    • Qualifying IELTS score: 5.5 or higher
  • A financial guarantee attesting to the fact that there is sufficient money available to afford the cost of your education

Veteran's Admission

Andrew College is approved by the Georgia State Approving Agency for veterans, reservists, and eligible dependents to receive educational benefits under the various educational law or programs administered by the Veterans Administration. Eligible veterans are required to meet the same academic criteria for admission as non-veterans including placement testing.

Transient Students

A student enrolled as a regular student at another college or university may apply for temporary admission to Andrew College. The applicant must be a student in good standing at the other college, and the applicant must be recommended in writing by the Academic Dean or Registrar of the institution at which the student is currently enrolled.

Cancer Registry Management

Students seeking admission to the Cancer Registry Management (CRM) program at either the Certificate or the Associate Degree level must submit official college transcripts from all colleges attended as well as official high school records (if they have completed less than 24 hours of college credit).