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Applying to Andrew College is quick and easy.  You can click on the icons below in order from left to right to assist you with the process.  We also invite you to click on the Andrew One Stop page, which will lead you through each step from Admission to Enrollment.

Sending High School Transcripts

Contact your high school counselor to have your official high school transcript sent to Andrew College.  The college accepts both paper and electronic records from high schools.  Some Georgia high schools will allow students to send their transcript directly to Andrew through

Sending College Transcripts

If you are a transfer student or have taken college courses as a high school student, you will need to have the college forward an official transcript of all your coursework to Andrew College.  Andrew accepts both paper and electronic records.  Official transcripts must be sent for ALL colleges a student attended, including those from which there may be no transferable credit.

Submitting SAT and/or ACT Scores

Andrew College accepts both the SAT and the ACT for admission and scholarship consideration.  Since many high schools no longer put these scores on a student’s transcript, these records should be requested from the College Board (SAT) or ACT.  Andrew College will also accept test scores sent directly from the student if the student’s name and all test section scores are listed and the record shows no evidence of tampering.

Currently, submission of SAT or ACT scores is optional for admission to Andrew College.  However, should you elect to submit them, these scores will be utilized to assist with the academic placement process for English and math courses.