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A Changing World

The modern business world changes rapidly, with new opportunities and challenges appearing almost daily.  With an emphasis in small business development, the new Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at Andrew College is designed to provide you with the tools to prepare you to meet the demands of the modern business world, whether you begin your career working at a large corporation, a small business or even your own business. 

Business Administration

The Business Administration program is designed to provide students with the general knowledge they need to be successful in a number of business areas.  Emphasizing coursework fundamental to understanding business operations, the program provides you with a background in economics, accounting, computer applications and business law at the Associate Degree level and builds upon that foundational background in the Bachelor’s Degree program.  

This program is appropriate for students seeking career paths in a variety of settings including accounting, economics, the social sciences, business and entrepreneurship.


Real Business Concepts for the Real World

Within the program, you’ll learn about the processes and ideas that drive business today like business analysis, management, marketing and finance.  Blending the classroom with the real world, you’ll see many of these processes put to work as you complete your supervised internship experience with an area business, corporation, non-profit or governmental agency. 


Major Courses

BUS 200 - Introduction to Business
BUS 301 – Quantitative Business Analysis I
BUS 302 - Quantitative Business Analysis II
BUS 305 - Principles of Management
BUS 310 - Management and Organizational Behavior
BUS 315 - Effective Team Dynamics
BUS 320 - Principles of Marketing
BUS 325 - Sustainability in Business
BUS 330 - Human Resource Management
BUS 335 - Introduction to Finance
BUS 340 - Managerial Finance
BUS 345 - Agribusiness Economics/Management
BUS 400 - Small Business Management
BUS 405 - Strategic Management
BUS 410 - International Business
BUS 450 - Business Internship

Andrew College Business

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Possible Career Options


Commercial Loan Officer

City Manager

Human Resource Manager

Public Relations Specialist

Sales Manager

Advertising Executive

Market Research Analyst

Financial Officer

Small Business Owner