Summer Bridge Program

The Summer Bridge Program provides students the courses, atmosphere, and support they need for a successful start to their college career. During the six-week term, students will be able to focus intensely on some of their most important required core courses with the advantages of small class sizes, minimal distractions, and specially developed tutoring services. Bridge students will participate in campus activities to build friendships, connect with campus resources, and become acclimated to the college environment. The Summer Bridge Program gives students the head start they need to thrive at Andrew College.



Program Dates:  June 11-July 20, 2022

* Successful start to college career

* Courses that count toward your degree

* Small class sizes

* Built-in support from professors, tutors and peers

* On-campus housing

* Fun activities

* Minimum $1,500 scholarship

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information regarding the program.


What is the Summer Bridge Program?

The Summer Bridge Program is a cohort of students who will live on campus, take courses together and participate in activities to build connections and to become acquainted with the college atmosphere. Students will be supported in their classes through required tutoring specially tailored for Bridge Program students. 

The courses students take will depend on their degree requirements as well as their high school GPA and test scores. Typically, Bridge students will take a core course in English and/or math as well as the Andrew College orientation course. Based on GPA and test scores, some students will be required to take a corequisite learning support course along with their college English and/or math course. Other college-level courses may also be available.

What are the financial advantages of the Bridge Program?

Since all Bridge Students will receive a minimum $1500 scholarship (not available in any other term) and will be eligible to apply for financial aid, the Bridge Program lowers college costs for students.

How do I qualify for this program?

The Summer Bridge Program is open to any incoming freshman student accepted to Andrew College.

Will I be considered a Full-time or Part-time student?

If you attend the Summer Bridge Program, you will be enrolled in 4-10 semester hours of coursework.   If you take at last 6 semester hours of coursework, you may be able to qualify for federal or state financial aid.  For more information, please e-mail the Andrew College financial aid office at

Can I get Financial Aid to pay for the Bridge Program?

Every student in the Bridge Program will receive a minimum $1,500 scholarship. In addition, students who take at least six credit hours may be eligible for financial aid. To see if you qualify for financial aid for the Summer Bridge Program, you will need to fill out the FAFSA form for 2021-2022 school year. (In addition, you need to fill out the FAFSA form for 2022-2023 for Fall). For financial aid questions, please email the Andrew College financial aid office at, or see more information here.

What are the dates of the Bridge Program?

Orientation for the Summer Bridge Program is June 11-12, and classes run from June 13-July 20, 2022.

The Summer 2022 course schedule may be viewed here.


STEM Bridge Program

What is the Summer S.T.E.M. Program?

The S.T.E.M. Program will provide you an opportunity to take courses that will better prepare you to succeed in our S.T.E.M.- related majors by getting some initial coursework completed prior to your first Fall semester. For example, Engineering majors can take MAT 113, or Pre-Calculus, which is ideal for a student who had little to no exposure to advanced mathematical methods in high school coursework. Being on campus during the summer also helps students focus on mastering other aspects of college life–such as familiarizing themselves with the campus, adjusting to living on campus, being away from home, college-level work, time-management, etc.,–prior to their first Fall Semester, when the course load will be higher and there will be more distractions such as the influx of students and athletics schedules.

How do I qualify for the Summer S.T.E.M. Program?

Students qualify for the Summer S.T.E.M. Program by applying to the college and indicating an interest in a S.T.E.M.-related major. Students who would benefit from the program are those who need additional support to be prepared for advanced math and/or students who want the opportunity to earn credits in a summer semester prior to their first Fall semester in order to increase chances of completing their degree program.

How long is the Summer S.T.E.M. Program?

The S.T.E.M. Program is one semester, the Summer semester prior to your first Fall semester.

What is the advantage of participating in the Summer S.T.E.M. Program?

There are multiple advantages of the Summer S.T.E.M. Program, including: 

  • Taking this coursework prior to enrolling in a full, regular semester will provide students a greater opportunity to focus on their academic preparation and increase their chances of successfully completing their program of study; 
  • There are grants available that may fully cover the cost of the Summer S.T.E.M. Program course enrollments;
  • As a Summer S.T.E.M Program student, you are permitted to take other courses toward your program of study, including the required freshman year experience course, ACE 101.
Are students in the Summer S.T.E.M. Program Full-time or Part-time?

If you are eligible for the Summer S.T.E.M. Program, you will enroll in at least two courses for a total of at least 6 hours. If you take additional courses, you could achieve full-time status (12 hours is full time).

How do I apply?

Just apply for regular college admission. No separate application is required for the Summer S.T.E.M. Program.  To reserve your spot in the program, a $25 deposit is required; however, if you qualify for the associated financial grant or enough financial aid to cover all expenses, the $25 deposit will be applied toward your Fall tuition. To reserve your spot in the program, please go online and fill out the Summer Bridge enrollment form located at: A PayPal link is provided there for your convenience to pay the deposit, or you can mail a check to: 

Summer STEM Program

Admission Office

501 College Street

Cuthbert, GA 39840

Can I get financial aid to pay for the Summer S.T.E.M. Program?

Yes. You will need to fill out the FAFSA form for 2021-2022 for the Summer S.T.E.M. (In addition, you need to fill out the FAFSA form for 2022-2023 for Fall semester).

What are the dates of the Bridge Program?

The Summer S.T.E.M. Program runs from June 11 to July 20, 2022.  Information on summer courses may be found on the Andrew College summer schedule, located under the “Academics” tab on the Andrew College website.