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General Institutional Scholarship Provisions

Students will ordinarily qualify for just one College administered institutional scholarship, with the exception of the United Methodist, Fine Arts, Publications, ACDN and Legatee scholarship awards. Students may qualify for additional aid based upon financial need.

The Margaret A. Pitts Scholarship

Up to two incoming freshmen may receive the Margaret A. Pitts Scholarship to cover the full amount of tuition for the academic year. Scholarships are awarded annually at the Pitts Academic Scholarship Competition, which requires contestants to be studying a college preparatory curriculum and have a 3.0 or higher grade point average. The Margaret A. Pitts Scholarship is renewable for the sophomore year if the Pitts Scholar maintains a GPA of 3.00 or higher on all attempted hours.

AndrewServes Scholarship

Each year, a limited number of freshman students will receive AndrewServes Scholarships of up to $9,500. Renewal of this award will be granted for the sophomore year if program requirements are successfully completed. These students will be enrolled in a two-year leadership curriculum certificate program and will participate in practical leadership experiences and community service. The AndrewServes Program is made possible with support from The Bradley-Turner Foundation. To learn more about this scholarship, please visit the AndrewServes Scholarship page.

The Andrew Success Scholarship

Incoming students whose high school GPA 2.5 or higher and who scored at least 1,000 (composite) on the SAT or on 19 (composite) on the ACT may qualify for this scholarship, with typical annual amounts ranging from $6,000 to $7,500. The Andrew Success Scholarship is renewable for the sophomore year, provided the student maintains a GPA of 3.0 or higher on all attempted hours.

Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded each year to qualified students whose program of study is fine or performing arts and/or who participate in music, theatre, or the visual arts. An audition, interview, or portfolio is required and should be coordinated with the appropriate program director as early as possible. Scholarship amounts vary. For more information about our programs in Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts visit the following webpages:

Visual Art at Andrew
Music at Andrew
Theatre at Andrew

Sustainable Agriculture Scholarships

Students planning to participate in the Sustainable Agriculture Program are eligible for this $8,000 scholarship from Andrew College. This scholarship is renewable for the student’s sophomore year.

ACDN Scholarship

The college awards several scholarships each year to students who actively participate in the Andrew College Digital Network. Scholarship amounts vary up to $9,000 and are dependent upon the student’s skills, abilities and willingness to learn and participate in the program. Students interested in the ACDN scholarship should contact the Athletic Director, Brian Skortz.

Student Publication Scholarship

The college awards several scholarships each year to students who actively participate in Student Publications such as the Andrew Monthly Newsletter and the Andranthus yearbook. Scholarship amounts vary from $250 – $750 per semester. Students interested in the Student Publications scholarship should contact the Academic Dean, Dr. Karan Pittman.

Athletic Scholarships

Andrew College offers scholarships for ability and performance potential in a variety of athletics. Scholarship amounts are dependent upon skill, need, and availability.


Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Soccer, Wrestling


Archery, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball

Legatee Scholarship

Students whose parents, step-parents, or grandparents graduated from Andrew College are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship to Andrew College.

UMC Ministers’ Dependent Scholarship

Dependents and spouses of ministers in the United Methodist Church are eligible for this $10,000 renewable scholarship to Andrew College. Ministers must be ordained and an elder in full connection in order for the student to be eligible to receive this scholarship.

United Methodist Ministers’ Scholarship

Students who have been active members of the United Methodist Church for at least one year are eligible to receive a $1,500 scholarship. Students must be recommended by their minister for this award.

United Methodist Awards and Loans

More information on United Methodist Awards and scholarship applications can be found on the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry website at and also through the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation at

Lettie Pate Whitehead Nursing Scholarships

Students accepted into the nursing program may qualify for the Lettie Pate Whitehead Nursing Scholarship.  This scholarship is based primarily upon a student’s academic record, with a minimum 2.75 GPA required for consideration.  Award amounts vary up to $4,000 per year.

Transfer Scholarships

Incoming full-time, degree-seeking transfer students with a minimum 2.75 GPA may be considered for the Andrew College Transfer Scholarship.  Award amounts range from $6,000-$7,500 per year.