Campus Safety

Andrew College endeavors to ensure the safety of students at all times; however, each individual is responsible for his or her personal safety and well-being. To achieve that objective, Andrew College provides extensive safety precautions.

The Andrew College Police Department is a state-licensed and accredited law-enforcement agency. The department maintains a force of five certified law-enforcement officers.

The residence halls are closely monitored by professional Residential Directors trained to handle emergency situations. They live in the residence halls. There is a Resident Director on duty at all times.

Emergency procedures are posted throughout campus and residential buildings. A student must escort all guests or staff member at all times and all guests must sign in. Andrew College also has a campus-wide emergency plan.

All members of the Andrew College community are encouraged to actively assist in crime prevention on campus. While this campus has been historically safe from violence and physical attacks, crimes do occur and usually are the result of situations when personal property has not been properly secured.

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Andrew College does not assume liability for personal belongings of students (such as stereo/computer equipment, clothes, money or other personal belongings), injury or death of individuals while on the campus, or injury or death of students while involved in off-campus activities. Students should check the availability of property insurance under their parents’ policies. If coverage is needed, the Student Life Office has information on a fire/theft insurance plan offered by an independent insurance company.