Tom Aderhold & Kay Aderhold

Class Year(s): 1969 and 1968

How did you get to Andrew College?
I followed a high school friend, Betty Pemberton, who came to Andrew.  Tom also heard about Andrew from a friend who was attending at the time.

In what year did you graduate and what was your major?
I graduated in 1968 with an A.S. degree.  Tom transferred credits back to Andrew and came back to walk with his class in 1969 with an A.A. degree.

Where did you go and what did you do after leaving Andrew College?
Tom and I continued our education at Auburn University. War Eagle!  We graduated in 1970 and married in February of 1971.

Who are some of the Andrew friends you’ve remained close with over the years?
I stay in contact with several friends from Andrew through Facebook:

  • Betty Pemberton Geer (we have known each other for over 50 years!)
  • Debbie DeBrauwere
  • Debbie Gould Tucker
  • John Sikes
  • Linda Bewley
  • Charlotte Johnson
  • Mary Jane Langford Salter
  • Karan Pittman (Assistant Academic Dean)
  • Sissy Porter Bunch and I meet for lunch throughout the year to keep in touch.
  • Thanks to David Adams, there is a group of Andrew alums that get together at Jocks and Jill’s in Atlanta!
  • Tom is in a social club with Dent Thompson.  Dent always has a great story to tell!  For those who may not know, his company, Phoenix Air, is the airline that transported the Ebola patients back to the USA.

Do you have any favorite traditions from your time at Andrew College?
For us, Andrew was more of a place of memories than traditions.

  • Movies in the auditorium
  • Decorating the gym for formals
  • Peg Leg Pete visits in Old Main
  • Meals in the cafeteria
  • Saturday trips to PC in the spring, and painful sunburns on the drive back
  • Panty raids – no coed dorms back in the day!
  • The Dump!

What do you remember about Andrew College that today’s students wouldn’t know about?

  • Rat Week for all freshman
  • Dress code for females; no shorts or pants to class. (I remember many 8 a.m. classes wearing a trench coat covering my nightgown!)
  • Girls had an 8 p.m. curfew during the week; Fridays and Saturdays was 12 a.m. (we did get the weekday curfew changed to 10 p.m. by spring quarter)
  • Girls had weekly room checks; rooms had to be neat and beds had to be made!

Were there any teachers or administrators who influenced your life?
I am grateful to Crispin Gilbert for convincing me to major in physical education.  Tom enjoyed Mr. Nichols’ math class, which started his degree in business.  Mr. Jefferson was a favorite for both of us.  He taught English and was a retired Methodist minister.  He and his wife drove down to Jacksonville, Fla., to officiate our wedding!

Did you participate in any clubs or organizations?  If so, what was your involvement?
I was a member of the PTE sorority.  I’m sorry to see the sororities and fraternities no longer exist.  Tom stayed independent!

What impact did Andrew College have on you later in life? (personally, professionally, or religiously)
Andrew was a great place to grow!  We matured (eventually) and learned independence and responsibility.

What kind of advice would you give today’s students?
Enjoy your time at Andrew.  One day, you will appreciate what you’ve learned!