Andrew Sweethearts

My husband and I have the honor of being the very first Andrew Sweethearts.  This is how it happened:

It was 1956.  I was 17 and about to graduate from high school. While getting my hair cut, I glanced through Redbook magazine and found in the back pages several columns advertising schools and colleges.  One of the ads was for a small, women’s junior college affiliated with the Methodist church, located in a small town in South Georgia. The college ad kept burning a hole in my purse, and a couple of days later I re-read it and decided to speak with my minister about it.  He urged me to apply. Dr. George Gambill, the new president of the college, sent me my acceptance letter. His letter also advised me that the school had gone co-ed and that so far two boys had registered – one from as far south from the school as I was from the north, and one from a 20-year-old who had been to business school in Atlanta but was thinking of working toward becoming a minister. His name was Wayne Cook. As I had a boyfriend back in Ohio, I didn’t give much thought to either of the boys until a group of us were invited to Wayne’s family farm in Colquitt, GA for a long weekend. I knew then that I would always love Wayne. It was just a short time until I got a message to go to the front parlor –that someone was waiting for me there. Wayne looked at me and said he loved me and then softly kissed me. After a couple of ups and downs, we were married on May 29, 1959. We were blessed with three sons and a daughter. Our son, Paul ’80, also married his Andrew College Sweetheart, Margie Dooley ’81 in 1983.
- Carol Joy Ashcroft Cook ’58  

In 2009, I was coming back to Andrew for my second year. I remember the day that Chase
Willis(class of 2010) actually showed up at the school. It was a Saturday, one week after classes had started. A good friend of mine, an RA from Mitchell who also met his wife at Andrew, checked him in. Now I had no idea who had checked in until about a week later. I was in Mitchell Hall for a movie night in the lobby with friends and Chase was sitting on the couch doing homework (the only time I recall seeing him actually do homework). I thought he was cute but at the time I was dating my high school boyfriend so I was like — well I guess I can be friends with him. He joined in on movie night and from then on, he just joined our group. We spent five weeks becoming friends and hanging out. It was finally a trip to the movie theater in Albany when we realized that being friends was not what was in store for us. That night riding back from watching Final Destination 4 (which I did not pick) with the whole group and talking, Chase realized I had a boyfriend and I watched his face fall in complete hopelessness. At that point, I realized we had to see where this went. I choose to end things with my high school boyfriend, we started dating, and the rest is history.
     -Krista Posey Willis ’11

Leonard (Cartrez) ’02 and I first met at Andrew College in the year 2000. He was a veryLeonard & Pamela Gunn nice guy who happened to be friends with a lot of the girls around campus. One day, I was sitting on the steps of the dorms and he walked by and said, “hey Pam”! I was happy to know that he knew my name. In fact, I was excited and from there it was like we already knew each other. We begin to hang out almost every day and honestly, we became best friends. We were inseparable and have been ever since. I knew he was the one because I wanted to marry him after only a year of dating! My favorite memory of my love is when we were all hanging in the student area and he declared how I was a “ray of sunshine” in his life! He was and still is the love of my life and I thank God for allowing us to meet at Andrew College in 2000.
     -Pamela Battle Gunn ’02
Daniel & Ashley Wyatt

My husband, Daniel Watkins ’04 and I met at Andrew in 2002. We started dating in 2003 and were married in 2006.
     -Ashley Wyatt ’04

My husband Greg Johnston 93and I (Susan Keels Johnston 94) met at Andrew, Fall quarter 1992. He was on the baseball team and I was on the softball team. He says we met when I asked him to vote for me for SGA, but I don't remember that meeting. We were actually set up by some of the other softball players who thought we would get along. We did. The night we started dating, we went to a concert at the cafe to hear Curnutte and Meyer. When we got married in 1996, Dr. Seyle, who was a favorite professor of ours, performed the ceremony.  My roommate from Andrew flew back from Japan to attend the wedding and Carlene Wade 94and Jeremy Alexander 94(also Andrew Students in the Choraliers) sang. We are both occupational therapists, live in Columbus GA, and have three boys Joshua 18, Eli 13, and Paul 12. We lived in Bulgaria from 2010 to 2015 as missionaries working with the evangelical church there to develop ministries for the disabled. We also started a baseball camp for kids run by the church. We now work for Muscogee County School District.
     - Susan Keels Johnston 94

I arrived at Andrew in August of 1970 with my brother, Ken Floyd 72, and my best Adamsfriend, Vivian Keller 72straight from Costa Rica where our parents were serving as missionaries. I met my future husband, Russell Adams 71, in the admissions office the first day there. We will celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary on March 17, 2017. My brother also met his wife, Cristina Castex 72, at Andrew. Who would have thought that out of a student body of only 200+, my brother and I would both find our life-long loves! We now live in Cordele, Georgia.
     - Kathy Floyd Adams 72

What do you do when there’s a cute new guy on campus (Tom Alderhold ’6Aderholds9)and the only time you can casually meet him is at lunch and that conflicts with Biology class? Well, you ask Miss Sarah Ann Staples if you can cut class, of course! Yeah, I really did! She agreed to allow my absences as long as I kept up with the assignments (and maybe shook her head and rolled her eyes at me a little). It took Tom a week of lunches before taking the hint. Then, I had to tell him no more lunches, I had to go back to class! We will have been married for 46 years on February 13. Oh, and I made a B in Biology!
     - Kay Alderhold 68

My husband, Ed Perry ’68was in the cafeteria (so he says) and decided that he would Perryask the next girl who walked in out on a date. Lo and behold, in I walked! I had noticed him earlier and thought he was cute, so said “yes.” We went to the drive-in movie. After that date I said “never again,” but when he called and asked me out again, off I went! We dated that year and part of the next, but as we were in different colleges we broke up for a year and a half. We stayed in touch though and in our senior year in college we got back together and were married in my home church, First Baptist in Dalton, Georgia on September 5. Thanks to the Good Lord for pushing me through that door at Andrew, as Ed and I have now had 46 years together. We established Horse Creek Winery on our farm in 2008 and recently opened a tasting room and bistro. We have three children and three grandchildren.
     - Andrea Higgins Perry ’67

I met my Sweetheart, Douglas E. Walker 65, at Andrew in 1963. We met in front of the bookstore. He asked my suite mate out on a date and then sent her upstairs to ask me to come down. I was really mad about that.. What Nerve….  We did go out and our first date was to Providence Canyon. What fun we had, of course the first kiss did not hurt that glory of that day. We dated for the rest of our stay at Andrew and it was magical. We graduated in 1965 and left to attend Georgia Southern University. No sooner had we gotten to GSU, we got married, moved back to Jacksonville and began our lives together. We had one son, Nels. Doug and I both worked in medical technology. He was a blood banker and I was a chemist. We worked our way up in the ranks and both became administrators. We retired in the early 2000s. We were blessed to be able to do a lot of traveling in both the US, Canada and Europe. We enjoyed motorcycle riding, camping and just being together. My beloved Doug passed away in 2014 from ALS. We had been married 49 years. I have a very warm spot in my heart for Andrew since it prepared us for our future and brought the two of us together. The education was top notch and the love I found was never ending.
     - Julia Knight Walker 65

My husband, Gilbert E. Conn Jr. 64and I met at Andrew in November 1963. We married in May 1965 and celebrated our 51st wedding anniversary this last May 2016. We have two married children and five grandchildren. We have returned to Andrew many times in the past years. Thank you for the white rocking chairs on the lower porch. What a joy to unwind and breathe in the essence of Andrew once in a while!
     - Gil ’64and Martha Conn ’65

My late parents met at Andrew. Mom (Bobbie L. Kirksey 56) was a student there in 1955-56.  My Dad, Volkmar “Mike” (Mike was a nickname they gave him as no one could pronounce Volkmar) Meyer von Bremen (back then I think he shortened it to just “Meyer”) had come to the United States under an Exchange Program, spending a year at “Lindbergh Tech” in Americus where he was an exchange student studying aircraft engineering. His sister was a Fulbright Scholar on Rotary Scholarship the year before at UGA. She helped set up the Exchange. After his year was over, he arranged for one more year at Norman Park College – then an all “boys’ school.”  One afternoon the boys from Norman Park piled into a car to go meet the “girls” at Andrew College. Mom caught Dad’s eye (he said sitting in the dorm window) and Dad, especially his heavy accent, caught mom’s. They fell in love quickly as the stars definitely lined up. By July of 1956 they were married and they remained happily married until Dad’s death in 1999, 43 years later. Dad, by the way, about three decades ago, did the design work for a facelift on the Administration Building. I always joked with some folks in Randolph County during my political career that but for Andrew College and the fact that they met there, I would not have been bornwhich may have been a good thing for some.
     - Michael S. Meyer von Bremen
       Albany, GA


Hi! My husband and I met at Andrew in 1985 and will soon be celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary.
     - Norma Young ’87

I married my college sweetheart and fellow 1978 Andrew graduate Claire Waldhour Braswell back in 1984. We have four children: Sarah is completing a Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology at Georgia Southern; Luke is a Southern Baptist pastor in Millen, GA; Anna graduated from SCAD in June 2017 and is doing an internship with MGM in Los Angeles; and Mary Esther graduated from Duke with a Masters in Medical Physics in May 2017. We have one grandchild, Eli, through our son Luke and his wife Brianne. I retired from South Georgia State College in 2014, and Claire is teaching first grade at Broxton Elementary.
     - Randy Braswell ’78

My husband and I met the day I arrived at Andrew from New Jersey back in September 1975! My mother and my sister both said, "there goes Doris' husband" as he eagerly volunteered to carry my two heavy footlockers to the second floor of Rhodes Hall! We have been married for 38 years, we have two beautiful daughters, and our first daughter is getting married in May! We have been very blessed throughout the years and we will always remember our time at Andrew College!
     - Bob and Doris Ness (Class of 1976 and 1977)