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Dr. Whit Myers

Class Year(s): 1976

1.       How did you get to Andrew College?
A high school friend and fellow Andrew graduate, Andy Kober first told me about Andrew College.  I then discovered that my great aunt, Ada Sharpe Tuttle, graduated from Andrew in 1917.

2.      In what year did you graduate and what was your major?
1976 – AA Social Studies

3.      Where did you go and what did you do after leaving Andrew College?
Georgia Southern University BA 1979 MEd 1981 and the University of Georgia Ed.D 1991

4.      Who are some of the Andrew friends you’ve remained close with over the years?
Larry and Sunshine Bird and Randy and Jean Smith mostly.  I have also enjoyed renewing my friendship with Karan Berryman Pittman since joining the Andrew Board of Trustees.

a.      How did you first meet them?
Andrew College
b.      What are some of the ways you stay in touch with them now?
South Georgia Conference activities mostly.

5.      Do you have any favorite traditions from your time at Andrew College?
Not really.  My two years at Andrew College were the best years of my educational experience.  If Andrew College had been more than a two-year college, I would have stayed as long as I could!

6.      What do you remember about Andrew College that today’s students wouldn’t know about?
The girls still had a curfew when I was there.  They had to be in at 10 on weeknights and 12 on the weekends.  One of my favorite memories is some of us leaving campus about 10 to drive to Albany to get some Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  The girls were so jealous!

7.      Were there any teachers or administrators who influenced your life?
We had great teachers.  Larry Brown was great and always seemed to take a personal interest in me.  I learned a lot from Jimmy Gilbert.  During my sophomore year, Mr. Gilbert served as Dean of Students.  Whether he realized it or not, I got my best dose of leadership training while at Andrew from him.

8.      Did you participate in any clubs or organizations? If so, what was your involvement?
I was president of Alpha Omega and president of the Inter-Greek Council.  I was also active in the Student Government Association and the Inter-Faith Council.

9.      What impact did Andrew College have on you later in life? (personally, professionally, or religiously)
Andrew College was a great experience for me.  I grew a lot from being five hours from home.  Andrew also took great care of me academically.  I am not sure I was really ready for college when I left high school.  But Andrew’s nurturing environment and small classes allowed me to do very well and a great foundation academically I would not have had otherwise.

10.   What kind of advice would you give today’s students?
Be grateful for where you are and take advantage of all Andrew College has to offer.  Andrew College may be a little out of the way and hard to get to.  But with the Andrew College experience, you can go anywhere!

Notable accomplishments/unique information/personal anecdote:

2005–2012 : Chair, First District RESA Board of Control (First District RESA is an educational service agency serving 18 school systems in southeast Georgia)

2001–Current: Treasurer, First District School Superintendents’ Association

1999–Current: Treasurer, Screven-Jenkins Regional Library Board

1999–Current: Served on Numerous Search Committees for the Georgia Southern University College of Education

2009: Keynote Speaker, Georgia DOE Federal Funds Conference

2009-2010: Member, State School Superintendent’s Advisory Council

2005–2009: Georgia Music Educators Association Board of Directors

2007-2008: Georgia Educational Leadership Redesign Advisory Committee

2007: President’s Award, Georgia School Superintendents Association

2006-2008: Georgia CTAE Resource Network Board of Directors

2005: Represented Georgia on the National FFA Leadership Continuum Concept Development Task Force

2000-2003: State Pupil Transportation Specifications Committee