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David & Sandie Adams

Class Year(s): 1966

Where you first met: on the campus of Andrew College as freshmen 1994
Favorite place on campus: The Sweet Shop, no longer there
Anniversary: 09/09/1967

It was love at first sight for me. Sandie (James) Adams ’66 took a little more convincing. Two faculty members were especially influential in our lives, Sara Ann Staples and Price Foster.

When we left Andrew, we went to Georgia Southern and moved to Atlanta after school. While at GSU we married and lived in a married student area called Benson’s Trailer park. Our first two children was born in Atlanta and our third in St. Louis.

We have nine grandchildren and they walked Sandie down the aisle to me when we were re-married in the same church on the same day 50 years later.

Somehow Sadie has put up with me for all these years and I will always be grateful to Andrew College for the education and my greatest gift.