Updated 3-18-22

Statement on Covid policy change as of March 18, 2022

Due to the significant drop in cases throughout the region and nation, Andrew College will revise its mask policy to allow faculty and staff to determine whether people in their spaces must wear a facemask.  This means that while indoors, some spaces will still require the wearing of facemasks according to the employee supervising that space.  Faculty have the prerogative to require masks in classrooms, the Student Success Center, Writing Center, Pitts Library, Turner Dining Hall, administrative areas such as the Reid business office, and all faculty/staff individual offices may determine their own stance on the wearing of masks.

Since syllabi are already in effect for the spring semester, faculty will state their classroom/instructional space mask policy clearly to students and ask students to acknowledge their understanding of it.

No one who is out of doors while on campus will be required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status.

Andrew College will continue to encourage all faculty, staff, and students to be fully vaccinated against the Covid virus.

Updated 1-18-22

While we recognize the CDC change in the guideline for days to isolate or quarantine, Andrew College will continue to follow the currently listed number of days for all students, faculty, and staff.

Updated 1-6-22

Andrew College will continue to monitor the OSHA COVID Mandate information and respond accordingly.

To students, faculty, staff, and members of the Andrew College community:

The documents you see on the website regarding the pandemic are the result of utilizing the best information available as the global pandemic continues.  We have learned a lot in the past year.  For example, we know that outside activity and interaction are much safer in terms of virus transmission compared to indoors.  We know that vaccinated people have a very small chance of ending up in the hospital or dying from the virus than those who are vaccinated.

We strongly encourage you and all members of your family to get the COVID vaccine.  Once the vaccine has permanent FDA approval it is likely that the college will require employees and students to get the vaccine within a reasonable period of time.  Meanwhile, what you will see in the sections that follow are measures intended to ensure the safe campus operation of classes, campus life, athletics, as well as responsible community interaction.

We require each employee and student to provide their vaccination status.  We may ask for proof of the vaccine at some point but collecting that vaccine status is an essential part of our safeguards as we begin this academic year.  We respect every individual’s right to choose whether to be vaccinated at this point because the vaccine has yet to be fully approved by the FDA.  However, one’s right to choose must be balanced with what is in the best interest of the Andrew College community, and the rules and policies described in the following sections must be abided.

Stay safe and well –

Linda R. Buchanan


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