To the members of our Andrew College community:

This web update is the result of months of research, planning, validation with public health officials, revising our plans according to emerging knowledge and best practices, and just a lot of plain hard work.  The senior staff of the college has met frequently to create plans and contingencies that cover every corner of the college, every functional area, and every known aspect of the virus as it may impact the college.

Our aim is to protect the health of every student, faculty, staff, and community member while functioning as normally as possible.  Our decision to bring students back for face to face interaction with faculty was not made lightly.  We believe that by using our small size and rural location to our advantage, along with our excellent relationship with our local public health department, we can manage our campus successfully.  Our faculty are prepared to adapt to teach their classes under changing circumstances, our coaches understand the environment for conducting safe team practices, and classes are scheduled to begin January 12.

We are asking our residential students to alter their normal social patterns.  No guests from off-campus are allowed, students will be limited to socializing indoors only with residents of their dorm, but there will be ample opportunities to interact outside in our moderate climate here in Southwest Georgia.  We are requiring all members of our campus community to wear masks unless they are inside their individual dorm room or office by themselves.  All students will be required to digitally sign a social contract acknowledging their understanding of our campus environment, and our expectations for their personal responsibility.

Like every college and university in the United States, Andrew College looks forward to starting this semester.  The beginning of our 167th year may be unlike all others, but we have adapted to many challenges in the past, and we will navigate this challenging time as well.

Stay safe and well –

Linda R. Buchanan


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