Betty Jones

Class Year(s): 1976

Betty Joiner Jones exemplifies the ideal of servant leadership. A committed wife and mother, Betty Jones waited to begin and finish her education after her four children (three of whom came or taught at Andrew) left home. She loves Andrew with a passion, and every day of her life promotes the institution as well as the idea of a servant leader.

Mrs. Jones currently serves on the Cuthbert City Council, where she has held office since 1985. An active member, she never minds getting in her vehicle and driving down the street to check on things. She has worked alongside members of the road crew picking up trash on the town square and city streets. For years she has served on the Recreation Committee and has been instrumental in keeping that program strong for our youth. Betty also serves on the Cemetery Committee, doing much of the work in the cemeteries herself until recently. Not content with simply serving as the Cemetery Liaison to the Council, she has also traveled to meetings throughout Georgia to learn ways to preserve and promote these unique places.

Mrs. Jones also worked as the bookkeeper for her husband’s business, Jack Jones Garage. Never once turning her back on those in need, she frequently transports people who have no transportation. Her smiling face also provides a welcome refuge for many weary travelers passing through Cuthbert.

In addition, Betty Jones is a steward in the Faith Baptist Church and strongly supports all of its programs. Never a meal goes by that she does not cook enough or more than needed for the people attending. Her support of her church is unwavering, and in recent years she has been called upon to give the history of the church during homecomings and revivals.

Possibly the most notable of her commitments, though, is her service to the pets of the area. Until just a short time ago, she was called upon to go out at any time of the day or night to rescue animals. She has taken in thousands of cats and dogs and given them new homes over the years, and she thinks nothing of sending them to the vet to get their necessary treatments. Her mercy and compassion for animals is a fundamental part of her personality that permeates every aspect of her life.

Throughout her life, and particularly since her graduation, Betty has supported the programs of Andrew College. She has attended countless Madrigal dinners, concerts, plays, and art shows. Since her retirement as Director of the Randolph County Senior Citizen Center, she has invested her time and talents in College’s archives by organizing records, copying names out of yearbooks for future reunions and rallies, and cheerfully sorting through piles of materials. Her love of Andrew College runs deep, and she continues to give back to the institution that she loves so much.

Betty Jones is the epitome of an Andrew College graduate. Her graciousness, commitment and service will be cherished for generations to come.