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Allen & Brittany Grant Kirk

Class Year(s): 2015

Where you first met: Mr. Salter’s 8 AM Math Class
Favorite place on campus: The Student Center
Your Anniversary: 03/24/2014

Allen and I met while we were both attending Andrew College. I was attending Andrew on a softball scholarship, and Allen was pursuing his degree in sports management. On a Monday, coming back from a weekend of away games, I walked into class and Allen looks over and says, “I was looking for you this weekend, I needed help with my math labs.” (Now mind you, we had NEVER spoken besides “good morning” before this day.) Without a thought, I immediately said, “Well, you should have texted me,” and the rest is history. We both enjoyed intermural sports, making several trips to the local Fred’s, traveling to Eufaula when we wanted to “get away”, attending all the sporting events we could while supporting our fellow Tigers, and also Allen making every attempt to attend as many softball games as he could. Our graduating class use to call us the “Power Couple.” Crazy to think the little town of Cuthbert, GA, and Andrew College brought together me my husband of 4 years on November 5th, 2020.