Academic Support, Assistance and Services

Andrew College offers several programs that assist students in reaching their scholastic potential:

Student Support Services
Identifies and assists eligible students who can benefit from tutoring, mentoring and counseling. This program is designed to keep students in college and ensure a successful transfer to a four-year institution.

FOCUS Program
Provides a student with learning disabilities an additional level of professional assistance and mentoring.

Student Success Center
In the fall of 2010, the Department of Education awarded a Title III grant to Andrew College. Through the grant, the College has established a full service Student Success Center, an expanded Freshman Year Experience program, and improved academic and transfer advising. The Student Success Center is open daily and offers professional tutoring for all Andrew College students.  The center also utilizes a student tracking and early warning system to monitor absences and grades and refer students to the appropriate resources for academic support and guidance.

Peer Tutoring
Assists all students who wish to improve their academic skills before moving on to a four-year institution. This special program provides intensive study and individual guidance at a pace compatible with the student's ability. 


Andrew College offers each student individual, personalized preparation in and out of the classroom.