Academic Support

Academic Support, Assistance and Services 

Andrew College offers several programs that assist students in reaching their scholastic potential:

Interdisciplinary Writing and Reading Center (IWRC)
One component of Andrew College’s QEP is the Interdisciplinary Writing and Reading Center (IWRC).  This program offers academic support to students in both writing and reading throughout all disciplines.
The mission statement for the IWRC is as follows:
•    To provide all students with the support in writing and reading that they need to build a strong foundation for excellence in all courses and their chosen discipline.
•    To provide faculty and staff with the support and professional development that they need to help students across all courses and in the disciplines.
•    To serve faculty, staff, and members of the local community, thus creating a culture of excellence in writing and reading throughout the college and the local community.

Student Success Center
In the fall of 2010, the Department of Education awarded a Title III grant to Andrew College. Through the grant, the College has established a full service Student Success Center. The Student Success Center is open daily and offers professional tutoring for all Andrew College students. The center also utilizes a student tracking and early warning system to monitor absences and grades and refer students to the appropriate resources for academic support and guidance.  The SSC assists all students who wish to improve their academic skills. This special program provides intensive study and individual guidance at a pace compatible with the student's ability.

Andrew College’s Academic Support programs provide a comprehensive program to student success with Upswing as part of this program.  Upswing is a 24/7 tutoring service for both on-campus and online students.  Upswing provides interactive learning sessions where students experience collaborative learning through real-time audio, video, chat, and a virtual whiteboard.  Students can upload and share documents before and during sessions.

Andrew College is committed to student success. As a result, the College offers many academic support options, to find out more about these options, please contact:

Julia Williams
Student Success Center Coordinator