P-12 Reading Endorsement

Andrew College proudly announces the creation of the stand-alone P-12 Reading Endorsement. If you are currently certified to teach in Georgia, you may be eligible to complete the P-12 Reading Endorsement at Andrew College, providing you with the necessary skills and strategies to support the needs of your students. Approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC), the P-12 Reading Endorsement qualifies an individual to teach reading to all students at the grade level of the base certification.

Benefits of the Andrew College
P-12 Reading Endorsement

  1. Teachers who hold a P-12 Reading Endorsement are more equipped to meet the literacy needs of all learners in their classrooms.
  2. The Andrew College P-12 Reading endorsement specifically focuses on the teaching of reading at a variety of student levels and within specific disciplines.
  3. Teachers will gain practical experience with using both informal and formal reading assessments to guide their instruction.
Admission Requirements

Admission Questions Graphic

Students who are not currently enrolled at Andrew College should apply for admission to the college and the P-12 Reading Endorsement. You are not required to take entrance exams or submit letters of recommendation.

Application Checklist

  • Application –Submit an application for admission to Andrew College. Teachers pursuing the P-12 Reading Endorsement will be enrolled as non-degree seeking students.
  • Application Fee- Currently, NO APPLICATION FEE! 
  • Statement of Purpose –Submit a statement of purpose regarding your reason for seeking your P-12 Reading Endorsement to the Admission Office at admission@andrewcollege.edu.
  • Georgia Teaching Certificate Number –Submit your Georgia Professional Standard Commission (PSC) Account Number at the top of your statement of purpose document.
  • Transcripts –Submit official transcripts from all institutions attended.  Unofficial transcripts may be utilized to determine initial admission to the program.
Endorsement Outcomes

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The P-12 Reading Endorsement will prepare individuals to teach reading to all students at the grade level(s) of the teacher’s base certification. It will qualify the holder to be considered ‘in-field’ in reading at the level of the base certificate.

P-12 Reading Endorsement students will be able to

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical and evidence-based foundations of reading and writing processes and instruction
  • Use instructional approaches, materials, and an integrated, comprehensive curriculum to support students’ reading and writing skills
  • Use a variety of assessment tools and practices to plan and evaluate effective reading and writing instruction
  • Create and engage their students in literacy practices that develop awareness, understanding, respect, and a valuing of differences in our society
  • Create a literate environment that fosters reading and writing by integrating foundational knowledge, instructional practices, approaches and methods, curriculum materials, and the appropriate use of assessments
  • Recognize the importance of, demonstrate, and facilitate professional learning and leadership as a career-long effort and responsibility

Coursework- 3 courses (9 credit hours). Offered online for flexibility!

467 Teaching Reading

This course provides a fundamental framework in teaching reading using specific techniques and strategies. Learners will gain an understanding of both a theoretical and an evidence-based approach to the teaching of the reading.

3 credit hours

477 Reading Instruction and Assessment in the Content Areas (*You will choose between 477 & 487.)

This course, specific for secondary teachers (Grades 6-12), offers the opportunity to gain knowledge and practice with using specific strategies in the content areas and discipline-specific classroom. Teachers will gain the ability to analyze, select, and use appropriate assessments as a way to inform instruction based on the needs of their students.

3 credit hours

487 Diagnostic Reading Instruction (*You will choose between 477 & 487.)

This course instructs P-5 teachers on how to analyze and remediate students’ reading strengths and weaknesses by using informal assessment instruments and techniques.

3 credit hours

497 Reading Environment

This course will offer a variety of strategies and practical ideas to support the planning of effective reading and writing instruction in the classroom. Learners will take part in a practicum that provides an opportunity to apply knowledge of reading instruction and assessment in order to increase the reading proficiency of students.


3 credit hours


How long will it take to complete the Andrew College P-12 Reading Endorsement?

Reading Endorsement classes are offered once a semester and can be completed in as little as 3 semesters.

Where can I take classes for the Andrew College P-12 Reading Endorsement?

Reading Endorsement classes are offered 100% online.

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