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Volkmar “Mike” & Bobbie Meyer von Bremen

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Submitted by Michael S. Meyer von Bremen:  My late parents met at Andrew. Mom (Bobbie L. Kirksey 56) was a student there in 1955-56.  My Dad, Volkmar “Mike” (Mike was a nickname they gave him as no one could pronounce Volkmar) Meyer von Bremen (back then I think he shortened it to just “Meyer”) had come to the United States under an Exchange Program, spending a year at “Lindbergh Tech” in Americus where he was an exchange student studying aircraft engineering. His sister was a Fulbright Scholar on Rotary Scholarship the year before at UGA. She helped set up the Exchange. After his year was over, he arranged for one more year at Norman Park College – then an all “boys’ school.”  One afternoon the boys from Norman Park piled into a car to go meet the “girls” at Andrew College. Mom caught Dad’s eye (he said sitting in the dorm window) and Dad, especially his heavy accent, caught mom’s. They fell in love quickly as the stars definitely lined up. By July of 1956 they were married and they remained happily married until Dad’s death in 1999, 43 years later. Dad, by the way, about three decades ago, did the design work for a facelift on the Administration Building. I always joked with some folks in Randolph County during my political career that but for Andrew College and the fact that they met there, I would not have been bornwhich may have been a good thing for some.