Learning Support Programs

The Learning Support Program serves students who need to develop or enhance their skills and knowledge in English and/or math. A student’s learning support requirements are determined on the basis of SAT/ACT test scores, the high school grade point average, and/or college placement exam scores. Students who test into Learning Support courses must be enrolled in required courses until all subject areas have been satisfied. Learning Support courses count toward the GPA at Andrew College but do not carry credit applicable to a degree and do not qualify for any honor recognition awarded by Andrew College.

Math Equation

Learning Support Courses

  • ENG099 – Support for English Composition – 2 hours (To be taken with ENG111)
  • MAT099 – Support for College Algebra – 2 hours(To be taken with MAT111)

Learning Support Faculty

Katie Dodrill, M.A.T.
Assistant Professor of Learning Support English
229-732-5939 – office
229-732-5994 – fax