Larry Dixon

Class Year(s): 1962

Larry Dixon How did you get to Andrew College?
A friend of mine at my church in Jacksonville, Fla. had heard of the college and we drove up there to visit. I flipped over the scenery around the college, the people I met, the buildings, smallness and it being associated with the UMC. My first year (before Patterson Hall was completed), I stayed with a roommate in a house diagonally across from Patterson Hall. The first quarter of the second year, I stayed in Patterson Hall and then completed the year in the house directly across from Old Main, which is still in use by the college.

In what year did you graduate and what was your major?
I graduated in 1962 with a major in College Prep. Earned an Associate of Arts cum laude

Where did you go and what did you do after leaving Andrew College?
I received my B. A. in psychology from Jacksonville University in 1966. I did one year of graduate work at Auburn University in counselor education and then received my Master of Divinity (M.Div.) from Emory University with a concentration on pastoral counseling.

My career:

  • Dean of Students/taught general psychology classes at Andrew College (1969-1970)
  • 30 + years serving children and adults with developmental disabilities in Florida, Connecticut, and Georgia
  • 10 years working with delinquent boys, investigating alleged child abuse, working with the court/judicial system
  • Retired January 2012

My church involvement:

  •  Youth director in United Methodist churches
  •  Music director in United Methodist churches
  •  Some pastoral experience in a few United Methodist churches
  • Facilitation Bible study on Sundays and small group Bible study in homes in churches in Florida and Georgia

Who are some of the Andrew friends you’ve remained close with over the years?
I have several Andrew friends with whom I still have contact: Derrill Shivers, Dottie Weaver Fleck, Prudy Rynd O’Rear, Cecil Goodroe, Paul Johansen, Joanne Stephenson Johansen, Jeffrey Bowden, and Debbie Patterson.

How did you first meet them?
They were all students at Andrew. Some I met while I was a student and some I met when I worked at the college (and one I met at my current church).

What are some of the ways you stay in touch with them now?
In person, by email, on Facebook

What do you remember about Andrew College that today’s students wouldn’t know about?
Most of the men before 1961 had to commute from home or stay somewhere else as there was no men’s dorm. I stayed in the back area of a house of a lady who had an arrangement with the college during the year before Patterson Hall was completed.  There was only one men’s dorm in 1961-1962 and the ladies resided in rooms in Old Main, as there were no other ladies’ dorms at that time. There was also an old swimming pool on the property at that time.

Were there any teachers or administrators who influenced your life?
Dr. Dorcas Gambill, French Teacher and Wife to President George Gambill; Glee Club Director/Voice Teacher and Physical Ed Teacher Cyrus Dietrich

Did you participate in any clubs or organizations? If so, what was your involvement?
I was a member of the French Club both years at Andrew; during my second year, I was President of the Student Christian Association

What impact did Andrew College have on you later in life? (personally, professionally, or religiously)
Being a part of the activities and classes; the smallness of the college made it possible for closer relationships with faculty, enhancing maturation and growth so I could become a more independent and open person. Being involved in clubs also enhanced my leadership abilities which largely benefitted me for roles I ultimately had in the future.

Being part of and trained in my experience with the glee club increased my love of music which enabled me to sing in many choirs over the years and made it possible for me to be substitute choir director in several churches as well.  I was the director of music and youth in churches in Jacksonville, Florida, and Conyers, Georgia.

The religious activities and the local church involvement impacted my spiritual life and helped me to start my keen interest in Bible study.

What kind of advice would you give today’s students?
Take advantage of every opportunity available to learn, expand your horizons, and allow for personal, professional and spiritual growth to seed and germinate.