Andrew College wants to maintain a healthy and safe environment for all students, faculty and staff. You can help us do that by working with the CARE Team. The CARE Team meets to review and respond to reports of student behavior that may pose a threat of self-harm or to others. The purpose of the CARE Team is to proactively identify, intervene and respond to student behaviors that cause others concern and/or fear that the student poses a danger to self, others or the college community.This includes disruptive classroom behavior, unusual behavior on a sports team, or general concern. Our goal is for you to be safe and successful. This plan was developed to help if you or someone you know is having a difficult time.



Behaved in an aggressive or out of control way?

Become isolated or started spending a lot of time alone?

Started drinking more or using drugs to deal with their feelings?

Talked about killing themselves or hurting someone else?


Uncomfortable or uneasy?

Afraid for the person?

Scared to approach the person?

Worried things may get worse

Other behaviors include (but are not limited to):

-Violent fantasy content
-Anger problems
-Fascination with weapons
-Non-compliance or disciplinary matters
-Interest in previous shooting situations
-Victim/martyr self-concept
-Strangeness and aberrant behavior
-Violence and cruelty
-Acting out, being disrespectful

Anyone in the college community should report concerns about unusual or threatening behavior by students by submitting an incident report form if such behavior is not perceived as a direct threat or an immediate danger. If a student shows evidence of immediate harm to self or others, (e.g., weapon in hand, direct statement of clear intention), call 911.