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Andrew College hosted climate change debate


November 18, 2019 – Cuthbert, Ga. – Andrew College faculty members debated the topic: “Resolved: Human activity causes global warming, and therefore the U.S. should take steps to reduce these causes” on Monday, Nov. 18. The lively debate was held between Dr. Charles Roberts, assistant professor of history, who defended this statement as true, and Dr. Bob Kortbawi, assistant professor of business administration, who attacked it as false.  To a standing room only crowd, the two debaters used their wits, logic, evidence, and verbal skill to win points over their opponent.

Professor Amanda Knight judged the debate and asserted that she had to find in favor of Dr. Roberts’ affirmative side. She said, “Dr. Kortbawi failed to cite sources for his most important claims, and Dr. Roberts pointed that out, which ultimately led to my decision. Debate is incredibly challenging, especially for the negative side, who has to be ready for any argument the affirmative may produce on the topic.  I was impressed with both of my colleagues’ performances and so was the audience.”