Student Right to Know Act of 1990

Completion/Graduation Rates
Federal regulations require colleges and universities to publish completion/graduation rates, and, if applicable, transfer rates.  Completion rates are determined using a select group of students. This group of students is referred to as a “cohort” and consists only of first-time, full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate students.

Completion rates are based on a 3-year attendance that equates to 150% of the length of standard program offerings.  Based on a cohort of first-time, full-time, degree seeking undergraduates that enrolled in the fall semester of 2009 and graduated on or before the fall semester of 2012, Andrew College has a completion rate of 20%.

When reviewing this statistic, keep in mind that this graduation/completion rate does not include those students who left school to serve in the armed forces, serve on official church missions, or serve with a foreign aid service of the Federal Government.  Students who are totally and permanently disabled or deceased are also excluded. 

Completion/Graduation Rates for Students Receiving Athletic Aid
This rate is determined basically the same way as described above, but only using first-time, full-time, degree-seeking undergraduates who were receiving some type of athletic aid.  The Andrew College completion/graduation rate for athletes, based on the 2009-2012 cohort is 19%.  It is important to understand that this cohort represents a very small portion of the entire student body.

Transfer-Out Rate
Students who did not complete their program at Andrew College, but successfully transferred to another college or university make up the transfer-out rate.  Based on the same 2009-2012 cohort, Andrew College has a transfer-out rate of 74%.  The transfer-out rate is calculated annually Fall semester.