Sport Management

Sport Management is one of the fastest growing fields of study in the country and a multi-billion dollar industry.  The Sport Management program at Andrew college provides a strong business foundation along with practical experiences in various areas of sport management.  Most entry level positions in Sport Management will require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.  Graduates of four year programs will be prepared to seek positions in various sectors of the sports industry such as: (1) professional teams or college athletic departments; (2) sport facilities and event management; (3) sports marketing, promotion, or advertising; (4) sports information, media, or communications; (5) city, county, state, or regional sports commissions; and (6) athletic leagues and associations.

How does Andrew College, a two-year, liberal arts college, prepare you for an exciting career in sport management?

  1. Andrew College provides hands-on practical experience for you, while preparing you to enter into a four-year school’s sport management program. 
  2. Andrew College also provides the classroom knowledge necessary to get a sound business foundation needed to help you succeed at the next level.
  3. Andrew College gives you the exciting opportunity to be integrally involved in the planning, organizing, and management of college athletic program management activities.
  4. Andrew College has a limited number of scholarships available to qualified applicants interested in careers in Sport Management. 

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For more information about the Sport Management program at Andrew College, please contact:

Ralph Chambless
Assistant Professor of Physical Education
Coordinator,  Sport Management Program
Office: 229-732-5907
Fax: 229-732-5954