Office of Religious Life

An important component of student life at Andrew College is the Office of Religious Life. The Chaplain and the Office of Religious Life aim to nurture students as they explore their own religious commitments and learn about the beliefs and practices of others.

Weekly chapel during spring semester of 2015 is on Sundays beginning at 4:00 PM in Jones Chapel with a length of no more than 45 minutes. Join us! Weekly chapel features student-led contemporary music and a short, relevant message from Chaplain Brooke. Chapel services reflect the Christian heritage of Andrew College, while being welcoming to individuals of any or no religious background. Make chapel part of our community life together and part of your weekly routine.

Chaplain Brooke prays for Andrew College every Thursday at 1:30. Please join her in prayer for Andrew, either in spirit in your own space or in person in her office.

As an institution that maintains an affiliation with the United Methodist Church, Andrew College cherishes an underlying belief in Christian tolerance and the worth and dignity of all people. The college encourages a diversity of religious expression and exploration. Several student organizations, including Baptist Campus Ministries (BCM) and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), provide structure in the religious lives of our students. See the campus organizations page for more information.

Each year, the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church designates a Sunday as Andrew College Sunday. This is a time when Andrew reaches out to all Methodists in the SGC to support our mission of providing a quality education within a nurturing community.

Students have also had opportunity for service through the Office of Religious Life to reach out to communities in need of support.

For additional information about Chapel or Religious Life at Andrew College, please contact Chaplain Brooke Isingoma at 229-732-5925 or Chaplain Brooke is available to members of the college community from any faith tradition for pastoral guidance, emotional support, and religious life programming.

Submit a Prayer Request

Members of the campus community are invited to use this linked form to submit a prayer request. There is an anonymous option, and Chaplain Brooke checks the requests daily and prays for them throughout the week of submission. Please send another request to keep it on the prayer list for another week. Of course you are invited to come by the Chaplain’s office for prayer in person as well!




Jones ChapelWe have weekly chapel services. Come join us!

Chapel Service Video February 1st

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Weekly Chapel Sundays at 4:00 PM