The Piano Program


The Piano Program at Andrew College provides piano instruction for all music majors at the College  required
for the Associate of Music degree.  Piano instruction
is also available, as faculty teaching loads allow, for non-music majors for elective credit.

Piano Scholarships are available, upon successful audition, for students intending to pursue an Associate
of Music degree, as well as for students who do not plan
to major in music but wish to continue their piano
studies at the college level.  While the Music Department desires to increase its number of students in the
Associate of Music degree program, it does offer scholarships to students not majoring in music.  Prospective students interested in the Piano Program
will find that Andrew College is one of the only institutions that offers piano scholarships to students other than piano majors.  Talented non-piano majors are encouraged to audition for piano scholarships.

Complete the online Music Questionnaire

Students pursuing the Associate of Music degree who choose piano as their primary instrument are required to attend one 50-minute lesson each week.  Music majors who choose piano as their secondary instrument, or for all other non-music majors are given one 25-minute lesson each week.  Additionally, all piano students must attend a 50-minute weekly studio performance class.

Grades for applied lessons are based on attendance, progress/practice, maintenance of a practice log, participation in studio classes, and a final jury.  For the final jury, students will be expected to perform two contrasting pieces for the music faculty.  Music majors are expected to practice 1-2 hours daily and are required to memorize music performed at the final jury.  Non-majors are encouraged to practice at least 30 minutes daily and are allowed to have sheet music for the final jury.

Repertoire is chosen based on the level of the student.  All students are expected to practice technical exercises and are exposed to a wide variety of music styles.

In the spring semester, at the end of each year, all students are encouraged to participate in an Annual Studio Recital.  Only music majors will be required to perform.  This recital is open to the public and will take place in the Jones Chapel.

Dr. Dan Kolan