InSpire Days/Orientation


InSpire Days

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Congratulations! Welcome to Andrew College!

Your journey with Andrew College begins here! We are looking forward to getting to know you and having the opportunity to work with you on achieving your academic goals.

InSpire, as the beginning of your Andrew College academic journey, will help you begin to make a successful transition from high school to the college life. Andrew College has a unique approach to orientation. New Andrew College students participate in a special two-part orientation program. The program includes your InSpire Orientation Visit scheduled in the summer prior to the fall semester start and concludes with your New Student Orientation (NSO) held on your 2nd day of your first weekend on campus.

Student Orientation Part 1 - InSpire held in the summer proceeding fall semester provides you and your parents with the opportunity to meet the college administration, your course faculty, and the staff that will provide support and guidance while you are attending Andrew College. You will also be attend InSpire with the help returning Andrew students who can provide helpful information to aid you in preparing for you first semester at Andrew College.

The benefits for STUDENTS who attend InSpire include:

-    Participation in PRIORITY REGISTRATION
-    One-on-one advisor help to schedule the classes you require
-    Meetings with staff in Financial Aid and Testing to get answers you need
-    Receive vital information necessary to order your textbooks
-    Get access to your Andrew College email, Moodle, and Empower Accounts
-    Be provided with your new Andrew College ID
-    Tour the Residence Halls and learn more about Residence Life
-    Finally, receive the Andrew College Academic Calendar & your first semester course schedule

All PARENTS are encouraged to attend InSpire with their student, the benefits include:

-    Meeting the President of Andrew College
-    Learning about Andrew College and its rich history and heritage
-    One-on-one meetings with staff in Financial Aid to provide vital financial information
-    Presentations from Billing and Accounts to get answers you need
-    Participation in informative sessions about campus technology and academics
-    Presentations on residence life and student affairs at Andrew College

InSpire Student Orientation is designed as a whole day event.

-    Begins with Check-In, Welcome, and meet your InSpire leader for the day
-    Lunch will be served in Turner Dining Hall for students and parents
-    After the day is over, parents and student will have an opportunity to:

  •    Meet and ask questions with the Financial Aid Office
  •    Discuss billing with the Business Office
  •    Tour one of the three residence halls
  •    Receive vital residence hall living/dining information

Student Orientation Part 2 -Andrew College New Student Orientation (NSO) is your first opportunity to experience life at Andrew College as a student! NSO will help you to:

-    Feel at home in Cuthbert, Georgia and on the Andrew College campus
-    Become familiar with the academic values and opportunities at Andrew College
-    Explore co-curricular opportunities and student life at Andrew College
-    Learn about campus history, culture, and traditions
-    Discover and understand how to access campus resources
-    Locate and connect to the number of support services offered at Andrew College
-    Learn and discover what your new college life experience means for your academic success
-    Finally, meet the Andrew community and your fellow classmates!

NSO takes place on the second day of your first weekend on campus. Inspire students are given priority on the first day move-in schedule. During NSO you will participate in events that promote skills needed for college success and a rewarding residence hall experience. We provide a good dose of fun with lots of helpful and necessary information for new students. NSO is required for all students attending Andrew College.

NSO weekend precedes a fantastic program of events for the first week of classes. The Welcome Week program is the final part of the NSO program and features fun daily and nightly activities. While fun and informative, students should be aware that NSO (New Student Orientation) is an enrollment and graduation requirement and we consider it a great opportunity to start college life!

Summer InSpire Sessions
June 20
July 11
August 1

There is a $10 fee to attend Inspire, which covers the cost of your t-shirt as well as lunch for up to three additional guests.
Click here if you wish to pay the fee by credit card.  You may also mail in the fee or pay it the morning of your Summer Orientation session.

Important InSpire Day Orientation Registration Forms
Please Download and Submit PRIOR to attending InSpire Orientation session

Student Checklist
Summer Reading Assignment
Housing Questionnaire
Housing Health Info
Emergency Contact Form
Certificate of Immunization Form
Safety Programs Login Instructions

For more information regarding InSpire Days and NSO, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 229-732-5950 or or Andrew College Enrollment Services at 229-732-5938 or

2019 InSpire Days and NSO Orientation Leaders

Applications now being accepted from our current class ranks!
Contact the Office of Student Affairs for more information.