Mentorship Program for 2022-2023

Introduction Letter – Mentorship at Andrew College

The Andrew College community has developed a mentorship program for incoming freshmen
and existing students. This program is designed to provide advice, help, and the development of
friendships to anyone interested in participating. You can either watch the video below or read
on to see how this program works.

For Incoming Students

Firstly, welcome to Andrew College, and congratulations on taking the next step to further your
Over the next few weeks, you will learn about your various courses, workloads, and
extracurricular activities like sports, theatre, or anything else you’ve elected to take.
During the upcoming semester, you may find it difficult to juggle all the demands on your time.
College is great because you get to make your own decisions, but there are more demands on you
with schedules and responsibilities filling up quickly.
This is why we’ve decided to create this program – to help you adjust – and to introduce you to
people who can help with these new experiences. These people are both student and faculty
Student RAs (resident assistants) will be the first point of contact for any questions that incoming
freshmen might have. RAs are tasked with watching over each respective dorm every night in the
main lobby, and they can be contacted about questions or issues that occur. These might be things
like advice about where to find tutoring, general things about life at Andrew, or even where to
find faculty or staff for further help.
Your RA mentors are there to help point you in the right direction.
All you need to do is sign-up/sign-in on the sheet found in the lobby, and we’ll make sure to find
an answer to any of your questions.

For 2nd Year Students:

Since students in their second year at Andrew are likely to know the basic ins and outs of the
college, they can elect to sign up for a faculty mentor. Faculty mentors might assist these
students with resources at the college, choosing the next school to move on to, or in taking the
right classes to be eligible for future career aspirations. Faculty mentors will be ‘on-call’ rather
than assigned to students, so it’s up to the student to contact them via email and set up meetings
with the mentor of their choice.
A list of faculty mentors and their emails will be posted in the lobby of each respective dorm.

Best of luck from the entire Andrew College community, and here’s to a great school year.