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Chase & Krista Posey Willis

Class Year(s): 2011

In 2009, I was coming back to Andrew for my second year. I remember the day that Chase (class of 2010) actually showed up at the school. It was a Saturday, one week after classes had started. A good friend of mine, an RA from Mitchell who also met his wife at Andrew, checked him in. Now I had no idea who had checked in until about a week later. I was in Mitchell Hall for a movie night in the lobby with friends and Chase was sitting on the couch doing homework (the only time I recall seeing him actually do homework). I thought he was cute but at the time I was dating my high school boyfriend so I was like — well I guess I can be friends with him. He joined in on movie night and from then on, he just joined our group. We spent five weeks becoming friends and hanging out. It was finally a trip to the movie theater in Albany when we realized that being friends was not what was in store for us. That night riding back from watching Final Destination 4 (which I did not pick) with the whole group and talking, Chase realized I had a boyfriend and I watched his face fall in complete hopelessness. At that point, I realized we had to see where this went. I choose to end things with my high school boyfriend, we started dating, and the rest is history.