Student Spotlights

Jimmecha Carr

Student Spotlight at Andrew College
" I have been attending Andrew College for three semesters, and I can honestly say this is a college where professors truly care about every student’s academic growth and success. This college has exposed me to cultural activities that led me to see the world differently. Yes, this is a small campus in a small town, but being on this small campus has granted me the privilege to work with my professors closely and build relationships with the other students. My Andrew College experience has been enjoyable and beneficial to my academic potential."-- Jimmecha Carr,



Katelyn Lindsey
Katelyn Lindsey
"Coming to Andrew College was the beginning to a new page of my life -- I've met friends from all over that I would have never known otherwise. The teachers all know me by name, even though I tend to stay quiet, and they always seem to care about what I have to say. Though it hasn't always been easy, I'm glad that my first college experience happened here. I feel more prepared for my future than I ever have before."

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