Free College Credit for Georgia High School Students

Dual-Enrollment Approved Courses at Andrew College
Spring Term

BIO 123-Human Anat. & Phy. I (OL)
BIO 124-Human Anat. & Phy. II (OL)
BUS 125-Macroeconomics (OL)
ENG 111-English Comp I (OL)
ENG 112-English Comp II (OL)
ENG 123-American Literature (OL)
HIS 106-US History after 1865 (OL)
MAT 111-College Algebra (OL)
PSY 121-Intro to Psychology (OL)
SOC 121-Into to Sociology (OL)
On Campus:
BIO 121-General Biology I (and Lab)
BIO 122-General Biology II (and Lab)
BIO 123-Human Anat. & Phy. I (and Lab)
BIO 124-Human Anat. & Phy. II (and Lab)
BIO 227-Microbiology (and Lab)
BUS 125-Macroeconomics
ENG 111-English Comp I
ENG 112-English Comp II
ENG 122-Word Literature II
HIS 102-Survey of World Civilizations II
HIS 105-US History to 1865
HUM 121-Survey of Humanities Ancient/Medieval
MAT 111-College Algebra
MAT 201-Intro to Statistics
MAT 203-Calc-Analytic Geometry II
POS 111-Government of the US
THE 123-Theatre Appreciation

Admission Qualifications
To be eligible for admission to the Dual Enrollment program at Andrew College, you must meet the following three criteria:


  • Attend an eligible Georgia public or private high school (or home study program)

  • Be currently enrolled as a 9th, 10th, 11th , or 12th grade student

  • Minimum SAT score of 500 EBRW and 500 Math OR minimum ACT scores of 19 English, 19 Math and 19 Composite.  (Students without satisfactory test scores may be able to be qualified for study through the attainment of satisfactory scores on the Accuplacer exam.)

You can apply online here  or download the Dual Enrollment Application here

Required Information Necessary to Complete Your Application

  • A copy of your official high school transcripts
  • A copy of the Dual Enrollment Advisement form or some other proof of high school and parental permission
  • SAT, ACT, or Accuplacer test score results

Dual Enrollment and HOPE
The postsecondary credit hours taken as a Dual Credit Enrollment student, and for which payment was made was made through the state of Georgia, are not counted as Attempted-Hours nor are they included in the Combined Paid-Hours limit for purposes of HOPE Scholarship or Zell Miller Scholarship eligibility.

Questions?  E-mail the Andrew College Dual Enrollment counselor Dayna Williams at