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The Andrew College Digital Network (ACDN) is the functioning arm of the Andrew College Television Club (ACTV). The club is run by the students, who elect officers, and have a set of by-laws.

We have our own YouTube channel: Andrew College Digital Network

We have our own studio, two state-of-the-art Sony HD cameras, an encoding camera for Live streaming events, an editing computer, complete with Adobe Cloud, headsets, a green screen, and lots of things happening. The studio is accessible 24 hours a day, and each member has a key.

At Andrew College, students have an opportunity to step in and contribute immediately, rather than having to wait their turn behind juniors and seniors. Because of the small size of the college, students will receive more individualized attention from their professors and have the opportunity to become more involved on campus that at a larger college.

We have a scholarship waiting for you!! Even if you’ve never done anything with broadcast media before, we have money. There is a need for camera people, producers, editors, and on-air talent.

We would encourage you to submit a video of your work, whether its behind or in front of the camera.

If you would like to be contacted, please click on the Interest Form link, and someone will be in touch with you soon.