Athletic Director

Andrew College Athletics

Dr. Edith Smith

Dr. Edith Smith was named Athletic Director at Andrew College in January 2012. Dr. Smith was a former Head Women’s Basketball Coach at Wallace-Dothan, in Dothan, AL, and a long-time faculty member and administrator at Troy University in Troy, AL, before taking over Andrew’s Athletic Department. She is the first full-time AD since Jimmy Gilbert retired in 2006. Under Dr. Smith’s leadership, the Athletic Academic Success Program has been implemented which requires student athletes to attend mandatory study halls or tutoring based upon terms of attendance and GPA.   Also, the Athletic Department has improved the athletic event scheduling process that helps to minimize student athlete absences from class and has increased the academic priorities for student athletes.  All athletic schedules are approved through the Athletic Advisory Committee that liaisons with the faculty, and puts accountability in class attendance with a strict adherence to college policy.  The Athletic Department, through Dr. Smith’s fiscal and personnel management, has seen upgrades in athletic facilities, increased community exposure and outreach, and improved athletic competiveness in the GCAA.