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Art at Andrew


Associate of Arts in Visual Arts
The Associate of Arts degree in Visual Arts is designed to provide a college-level introduction to:

- Drawing
- Painting
- Color & Design
- 2-D Design
- 3-D Design
- Photography
- Art History

Studio art classes provide students hands-on experience with traditional methods and mediums as well as contemporary processes and digital media. Students are afforded the opportunity to develop their technical and conceptual skills in the creation of artwork as well as learning to critically analyze what makes some works more successful than others in frequent group critiques and individual discussions about artwork.

Fall 2012 Art Show Video

Spring 2012 Art Show Video

Visual Arts Academic Discipline Course of Study

Visual Arts Course Descriptions

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Chris JohnsonChris Johnson, MFA
Assistant Professor of Visual Arts
Director of Visual Arts Program
229-732-5942 – office
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