The Andrew College experience is positively life-changing. You'll receive the personal attention that you deserve and feel comfortable being yourself as soon as you step foot on campus. You'll meet interesting people from all walks of life and you'll be challenged to achieve more than you thought possible. You'll grow and learn on campus where professors know you by your first name and take serious interest in your success.

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History of Andrew College - Provides the rich and interesting history of one of Georgia's oldest colleges

Location - A Google map that shows Andrew College's location in southwest Georgia, and can provide driving directions to campus.

Mission, Philosophy, and Accreditation - Andrew's mission statement, philosophy, and accreditation information.

2015-2019 Strategic Plan - Download Andrew College's Strategic Plan, Reach Higher

Facts about Andrew College - A bulleted list of facts about the College.

Frequently Asked Questions - Answers questions that prospective students frequently have about Andrew College