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2020 Honors Day winners announced

May 8, 2020 — Cuthbert, Ga. – Andrew College announced its 2020 Honors Day recipients online this year as it was forced to cancel its yearly ceremony due to COVID-19. Below is the listing of the students,  groups, faculty and staff who received awards and the criteria for the award. Awards, whether in the form of certificate, medallion, plaque or Andy Award statues, will be mailed the week of May 25, 2020.

Rotary Award
Student demonstrates “Service Above Self”
Wade Law, Americus, GA

Pilot Friendship Award
Student demonstrates qualities of kindness, loyalty, compassion, concern, regard for the feelings of others, valued by their peers, promotes friendship and goodwill.
Braden Hatcher, Buford, GA

Phi Theta Kappa Highest GPA Athletic Team Award
Awarded by the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society to the Athletic Team with the highest collective GPA

Phi Theta Kappa Officer Recognition
Awarded to Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Officers for the Academic Year 2019-2020
President Hannah Sims, Albany, GA
Vice President Megan Royals, Winder, GA
Public Relations Officer Christian Sanchez, Buford, GA
Secretary Shelbie Clawson, Powder Springs, GA

Global Community Award
International Student who demonstrates the best promotion their culture, has helped others to better understand their culture, and has promoted general goodwill.
Christian Sanchez, Buford, GA

Clara Howard Award
Student must have a required GPA and show a genuine interest in pursuing a career in education.
Rebecca Johnson, Hawkinsville, GA

Sarah Anne Staples Award
Student must have a required GPA and show a genuine interest in pursuing a career in the sciences or medical fields.
Megan Royals, Winder, GA

Outstanding Non-Traditional Student
Student must be a full-time registered, non-traditional student, who has shown dedication and commitment to his or her studies.
Matikka Coots, Bainbridge, GA

Outstanding Staff Member Award
This award is to provide recognition to a staff member of Andrew College whose performance on the job has been exceptional and best exemplifies professionalism and dedication to the College and its mission. Any faculty, staff, or administrator may make a nomination.
Kirsten Cochran, Title III Coordinator

Nursing Rising Sophomore Award
This award is presented to a candidate who has successfully completed the first year of the Nursing program with a required GPA  and demonstrates potential to successful complete the program in one year. He or she must exhibit a sincere desire to embrace nursing as a profession and be committed to safety and excellence in all student nursing activities.
Alexander Heath, Bronwood, GA

Vulcan Materials Teaching Excellence Award
This is award provides recognition to a full-time faculty member who demonstrates strong academic skills in the classroom, provides leadership and support in the other areas of campus life, nurtures and academic climate which fosters teaching, provides leadership to enhance the campus community, and is committed to Andrew College and the greater community.  Candidates are nominated by the faculty and staff.  Presented by Vulcan Materials.
Dr. Charles Roberts, Assistant Professor of History

John H. Woodall Award for Excellence in Teaching
Awarded annually to a full-time member who demonstrates excellence in teaching, inspires students to find the best in themselves, and commits to advance and support student success.  The grant supports travel and registration fees for a professional conference in the awarding academic year.  Candidates are nominated by the faculty and staff.
Dr. Farrah Senn, Assistant Professor of English

Woodall Students of the Year
Awarded annually at the inception of the academic year, the John H. Woodall Enhanced Learning Grant for Students is presented to two returning students who display a thirst for knowledge. The grant supports the two students’ travel and registration fees for a professional conference in the awarding academic year. Recipients are approved by the Division Coordinators.
Calie Barber, Lawrenceville, GA
Dylan Kelly, Saint Marys, GA

Departmental Awards
Students demonstrate excellence in specific discipline areas.  Nominations are made by full-time and adjunct faculty in the discipline area.

Megan Royals, Winder, GA

Business Administration
Shawn Host, Beverly Hills, FL
David Ragsdale, Americus, FL

Tytianna Roseborough, Bainbridge, GA

Criminal Justice
Devon Foster, Buford, GA

Rebecca Johnson, Hawkinsville, GA

Wade Law, Americus, GA
Christian Sanchez, Buford, GA

Kaleb Podger, Columbus, GA

Health Education
Nashaly Aldea Rodriguez, Leesburg, FL

Calie Barber, Lawrenceville, GA

Luke Griffin, Leesburg, GA

Information Systems
India Roper, Midland, GA

Colby Fields, McDonough, GA

Joel Negron, Columbus, GA

The Andrew College Nursing Outstanding Student is selected by the nursing faculty. The candidate must have successfully completed all courses in the nursing program with a required GPA or higher with demonstration of excellence in all clinical activities. The candidate must exhibit the values of the nursing profession and exude high potential for a successful nursing career.
Clint Anthony, Ellaville, GA
Alicia Furlow, Monatezuma, GA

Physical Education
Julian McLeod, Valdosta, GA

Physical Science
Connor Hixson, Powder Springs, GA
Wade Law, Americus, GA
Tyler McKay, St. Augustine, FL
Sarah Merrill, Abbeville, AL

Keith Littles, Augusta, GA

Political Science
Christian Sanchez, Buford, GA

Trevor Jackson, Montezuma, GA
Keshaun Mays, Tifton, GA
Taylor Mitchell, Midland, GA

Religion & Philosophy
Taylor Mitchell, Midland, GA

Servant Leadership
Shelbie Clawson, Powder Springs, GA
Colby Fields, McDonough, GA

Kaleb Podger, Columbus, GA

Sustainable Agriculture
Christopher Cannon, Abbeville, GA

Hannah Sims, Albany, GA

Visual Arts
Sarah Merrill, Abbeville, AL

The Andy Awards are the highest honors given at Andrew College.  These awards honor students who have demonstrated highest level leadership, services, and achievement. The Andy Award for Scholarship, given at Commencement, is presented to the student with the highest GPA.

Andy Award for Leadership
Student demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities
Shawn Host, Beverly Hills, FL

Andy Award for Service
Student demonstrates instances of outstanding service
Rebecca Johnson, Hawkinsville, GA

Andy Award for Achievement
Students demonstrates achievement on a regional, state, or national level
Hannah Sims, Albany, GA